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Did you know that… Even if your baby eats enough amounts of iron rich food, only less than 25% of iron is ABSORBED by his body and therefore does not cover his daily requirements of iron?1

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Bebejunior has created a calculator
to help you identify whether your child
is receiving his daily requirements
of iron from his diet or not.

Find out if your child is getting his daily needs with our Iron test !

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Important notice

The World Health Organization (WHO)
has recommended that pregnant women
and mothers of new born infants and young
children be particularly well informed of
the following:


  • The advantages of breast milk, which is an ideal source of nourishment for infants. It is the best suited to their specific needs and protection from disease.
  • The importance of good maternal nutrition for preparing and continuing to breastfeed.
  • The negative effect of mixed nutrition for infants, since alternating between breastfeeding and bottle feeding can disturb breastfeeding.
  • The difficulty involved in going back on the choice not to breastfeed.
  • The socio-economic implications to be taken into account when choosing the feeding method

It is important to remember the cost that can be involved in using infant formulas, specifying the quantities to be used depending on the child’s age. If using an infant formula, whenever the mother is not breastfeeding, it is important to strictly follow the recommendations on water quality, the instructions on preparation and use, and a professional medical opinion. Incorrect use could put the child’s health at risk.

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    the weaning booklet

    Download our weaning booklet for the best nutrition plan for your child

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    Know more about
    Iron Absorption

    Did you know that less than 25% of Iron
    is absorbed
    from the food your baby eats?1


    You can increase your infant’s iron
    absorbed by :

    Offering him vitamin C along with vegetables and fruits such as lemon, oranges, guava, papaya, strawberries and red pepper 
    because Vitamin C increases iron absorption2

    Offering him poultry / meat / fish or egg at least once a day (as they increase the absorption of iron from vegetables, cereals & pulses)3

    Soaking pulses before cooking (to increase iron absorption)14

    Avoiding tea or coffee which prevent iron absorption4

    Examples of iron rich foods

    The foods richest
    in iron
    Other food rich
    in iron

    * Make sure that beef, chicken, fish and eggs must be well cooked
    ** Needs to be cooked for a long time to avoid the risk of chocking
    *** Remove the skin
    **** To be Puree – this food is not recommended for children
    below the age of one year

    Keep giving your baby breast milk or
    in case breast milk is not available (based on his doctor’s recommendation)

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    Bebejunior provides adequate nutrients that are
    well adapted to toddlers, such as :

    • Iron which is a dietary mineral that is important for brain development and various body functions for toddlers11
    • Vitamin D which contributes to the bone development11
    • scGOS/lcFOS* (Prebiotics)11

    Bebejunior should be part of a diverse and
    balanced diet
    , containing meat, fish,
    starches, veggies and fruits12

    *scGOS/lcFOS : Short chain galactooligosaccharides / Long chain galactooligosaccharides


    2 Cups of Bebejunior (180ml each)
    provide 69% of the required daily
    needs of iron for babies aged 1-3 years13
    Did you know ?

    The first years of your child’s life are filled with tremendous growth and development

    Your child needs up to 7 times more Iron than an adult1,5, to ensure proper growth and cognitive development

    Almost 50% of children in Egypt do not get enough intake of iron and suffer from anemia.

    Iron deficiency is the most common cause of anemia6 which can affect motor development7, cognitive function8 and leads to loss of appetite9

    Infants should not drink adult cow milk,
    goat’s milk or soy milk, Do you know why?
    • Consumption of these milks will not provide your baby with the needed amount of iron, which could lead to iron deficiency anemia10
    • They contain either little iron or the iron they contain is poorly absorbed by infants10
    • They contain proteins that may cause allergic reactions in the young infants due to their immature digestive tract10